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Pixels is an interactive sculpture by Jonas Vorwerk and Yoren Schriever. Digiluce helped specify Pixels 2.0 (PCB design and production by Frank van den Berg), intermediated in the commisioning of Pixels by KunstRAI 2012, and joined Jonas and Yoren in Barcelona for the Caixa Forum Exhibition.
All we see and look at these days are Pixels, on your laptop, desktop, phone and so on. But now we’re able to create and edit new compositions with them in real life! Each pixel has its own position and color and are arranged in a two, but now also in a three-dimensional grid. The intensity and color of each pixel is variable and changeable by rotating them. — Jonas Vorwerk
For Pixels 2.0 Jonas approached Digiluce to add wireless communication. After considering various options, we decided it was best (and most awesome!) to make a custom PCB.


custom Pixel 2.0 PCB

This allowed Jonas to invent and Yoren to program many kinds of new behaviour, including the one that defines Pixels 2.0: if a visitor picks up any Pixel and spins it around, all Pixels react. This turned out to create an amazing experinence of control:

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