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“Kapellbrücke” Luzern, Switzerland – our “Particle Plan” selected as winner

In collaboration with DUS, Studio Drift and Rombout Frieling, Digiluce has won the international competition to create one of the largest interactive light installations in the world.

The historic Chapel bridge, dating from 1333, is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Switzerland. An international contest requested for a unique and inspiring lighting scheme that illuminates the bridge at night, while respecting the historical and rich cultural character of the city.

The winning concept is called The Particle Plan. This concept is inspired on the idea that people crossing the bridge will transform the bridge into a public stage. Each stroll along the bridge will generate a unique pattern of light on the outside of the bridge – selectively illuminating the individual particles of the bridge. The Particle Plan is planned to be installed in December 2015 and will be the first permanent installation in which such a large number of projectors and novel sensing methods will be used.

More information about the project and our winning concept: Luzern project website

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